Mother’s Dumplings

“Award winning family Chinese restaurant serving the dumplings Zhen’s mother taught her how to make.”

About Us

We normally had about 30 workers. Now we have less than a quarter of that number doing takeout and delivery. As the rest of Canada hopes and prays, we hope to get back to normal. The following is how it was and how it will become again. We serve Chinese comfort food made in our restaurant. You can see the dumplings made right next to our open kitchen. Our skilled dumpling makers love to see young children watch them. Often the dumpling makers will offer the children pieces of dough to play with.

At the heart of our restaurant are the dumplings.

We mix the dough and cut it in long blocks. We roll these blocks into tubes and cut these into buttons

The buttons are coated with flour to prevent sticking and flattened by hand.

The flats are rolled into wrappers and fillings are added.

The wrappers are filled and sealed and frozen on trays for later cooking.

The pictures don’t show our secret recipes, sorry.

Our servers are great. They are the face of our restaurant. We’ve had many servers with foreign degrees, working for us while earning Canadian certifications. We have had English, Irish, Scottish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese Polish, Jamaican and Canadian servers. Its like a world tour, a very small world tour. Usually the worst part is when they do their final walk, out the door, leaving fond memories. Now the worst part is not having them here with us.

Our cooks are the keystone of the restaurant. They come from China, Japan, Canada and Italy.

As with all families, there comes a sad time when they leave.

A Little About Us And Chinatown.

Our Team


How could a single woman with almost no English working as a house keeper along with a retired maths, physics and computer studies teacher create one of the best Chinese restaurants in Toronto


A major key to our success came from Zhen’s mother teaching her how to cook and make dumplings while Zhen was young girl in Shenyang.

Another key is Zhen’s character: determination, hard work and fearlessness. She came to Canada, alone and with no support. Less than 30 years later, after dealing with culture shock, after working hard with no government aid, she has one of the best Chinese restaurants in Toronto.


Rick taught math, physics and computer studies for 30 years. He met Zhen at the turn of the century. He was in teaching ESL in China in 2005 when the magic started. Zhen, alone, opened our first restaurant on Huron Street. At the same time, she had a fulltime job working in a hotel. When Rick returned to Canada he would open the restaurant in the morning and hope and pray Zhen would finish work and relieve him before he ruined our reputation.

Zhen's Mother

Zhen’s mother continues to dig, plant and tend her garden at 91 years of age. Maybe Zhen inherited her strength and determination from her mother. She is a secret ingredient.

Not shown is Zhen’s late father, an incredible entrepreneur. He started six manufacturing enterprises employing many hundreds of people each. Not long after that, being an entrepreneur became “unfashionable”. But that is another story.


Zhen brought her daughter Catherine to Canada in 1995. She saved Mother’s Dumplings. In 2010 the five-year lease was up on Huron Street. The rent increased to unsupportable levels. With the end near, she found our present location. Our saviour.

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